3 Facts About Electronic Cigerrates

Electronic cigarettes are in fashion these days and a huge number of people are using it to quit smoking. Well, what seems right may not be true. Since the time, these e-cigarettes are introduced, there is a surge in the number of smokers in the world. People who are not smokers are also trying this new thing and using it in addition to other tobacco products to consume nicotine. Since it is a new thing so there are a number of facts about electronic cigarettes which people do not know. Here we have enlisted the three basic facts about e-cigarettes which people are not aware of.




Not Risk-Free - The basic concept of e-cigarettes is to help people quit smoking. And a lot of harmful chemicals are not used in it as compared to smoking to prevent people from falling prey to side effects of smoking. Some people use it because these are considered safe as compared to normal cigarettes. However, this is a big myth as these products too contain a number of harmful products which causes various serious ailments to our body. Since there is no use of smoke while consuming such products, so there are certain toxic chemicals which are not released in its usage. Still, there is not much difference in the chemicals present in a normal cigarette and an e-cigarette like available at Vapehobby.com which makes it a poisonous product available on the market.


Not FDA Approved - Electronic Cigarettes are quite popular among people because of the speculation that it has some sorts of health benefits. But the reality is very different as there is no such study which proves the health benefits of using electronic cigarettes. Instead, its usage can cause a number of diseases related to various parts of our body. Food and Drugs Administration has not approved electronic cigarettes for any health benefits. A number of scientists, researchers all over the world are carrying out research on this topic. Despite no recommendation from FDA’s side, people are using it in addition to other tobacco products. A lot of companies are releasing their e-cigarettes in the market which are getting popular all over the world among youth as we as the adult alike.



Cheaper than Normal Cigarettes - When we talk about e-cigarettes, it seems that this thing might cost a lot since it involves buying an electronic kit. But actually, it is cheaper than a normal cigarette. It is the initial investment that consumes a lot of money from a person’s pocket. Later on, the refilling of material does not cost much and it involves less money to pay for its usage. Whereas a normal smoke cigarette would cost a uniform price throughout the year. Just because it is cheap so one should not rely on it as it too has many harmful effects associated with it. Moreover, these are not safe to use as there are many cases of battery explosion and similar mishappening which have occurred while charging or using it.


So, these are the popular facts which most of the users of electronic cigarettes do not know about it. Whether it is a normal cigarette or an electronic cigarette, both cause many serious diseases, so one should avoid using such products in one’s daily life.